These days, people are scared to even dream. Dream big I mean. Most people’s biggest dream is also the most common goal for the millions. They want to get a GOO JOB. That’s their biggest dream. Yet, there are people who dare to dream big but don’t think they can achieve them so they just become wishes which never be fulfilled. I say anyone can achieve anything if they really want to and are willing to give what it takes.

Most don’t believe this. So, I wanted to take up an impossible dream of mine and show people exactly how I will achieve it WITHIN 100 DAYS. This would be a challenge to people who hide behind their insecurities and circumstances. This would also be a practical guide for those who have the spark and initiative.

Can anyone achieve anything in just 100 days? I bet they can. They may not complete the who dream but they will have everything that would make that dream possible. I may take up my dream to become a FILM DIRECTOR and show people how I would achieve this with zero experience in filmmaking. Or I will take up my dream to create history by circumnavigating the globe by road, water, and air and show people how I can achieve this.

This sounds like madness. Isn’t it? That’s what true dreams are. They look and sound madness. The people who chase them are also mad. So this is fine. Now get ready to master that madness.