Bharadwaj Dayala Virtual Film Production studios
Bharadwaj Dayala Virtual Film Production studios

What is virtual production?

Using the latest hardware and software technologies, we can make an entire film within a small studio. This is a revolutionary process and that’s why it appeals to me as a trailblazer.

I love technology and I was working on computers from a very early age when nobody had ever seen a computer. Computer graphics were used to make films like Star Wars and other Hollywood mega movies but now the same and better technology is available to everyone at a fraction of the cost. Using these we can create anything we can imagine.

To bring this technology to Indian filmmakers, my partner Mr. Ravikanth Veerepalli and me started a company called VIRTUALONE STUDIOS. The main purpose is to bring virtual production to India. We have been doing a lot of research and now we are masters of the same.

We are announcing India’s first Virtual Feature Film in March.