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Bharadwaj Dayala, from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He is the first Indian to ride Alone Around The World on a Motorcycle. In 2006 I took an Indian-made Karizma motorcycle and traveled the world.

Riding is his passion and technology and films are his profession. Worked in the IT and media industry for over 3 decades. Established and successfully ran many companies. Right now focusing on making feature films with ultra-modern technology. Apart from being a rider, he is a screenwriter, author, and film director.


The Entrepreneur


He established and was the CEO of many successful technology companies like Dream Live Entertainment Limited, London -UK, before venturing into filmmaking and virtual production studios. He established Virtualone Private Limited, a pioneer in virtual production technologies in India. Virtualone with its office and studios catered to many groundbreaking films. Currently, he is focusing completely on making Hollywood-quality films and digital content here in Hyderabad. He is currently the Executive Director of Virtualone Studios Private Limited and CEO of Shaping Dreams Media Private Limited.



Bharadwaj Dayala is a multifaceted person with skills in both technology and creativity. He is the screenwriter of more than a dozen films and now taking the megaphone to direct his debut feature film which is going to be the world’s first virtually produced feature film.

As the CEO of Shaping Dreams Media Private Limited, his focus is on making great films at affordable budgets. 2024 will see multiple productions form this studio.

Bharadwaj Filmmaker

World Traveler

You got only one life - go see the world.

Bharadwaj Dayala dared to dream big and became the only one in a billion people to become the first Indian to ride around the world on a motorcycle. This was not an easy task for an Indian, that too in 2006 when there were no smartphones or Google Maps to navigate. He took a 220 cc Hero Honda Karizma street bike and traveled across 5 continents clocking around 50,000 km.

He currently supports various social causes and rides for them. He was felicitated by the King of Dubai and the government of China with the Best Goble Trotter award. His next adventure will be to fly around the world.

Bharadwaj Dayala - Am I a legend?



Bharadwaj Dayala wants to circumnavigate Earth by land, air, and sea. The first man ever to do so. He is an able sailor and recently completed his training as a Private Pilot. Soon he will be flying around the world in a small two-seater airplane.


Riding is easy - Writing is not.

Bharadwaj Dayala was the author of his autobiographical book about his world tour, A LOVELY RIDE. This book is getting ready to be published in 2024. Though he is a screenwriter, writing about his own story was not an easy task for him and it took quite some time.

Bharadwaj Dayala's book about the world tour on motorcycle


Let's add some spice.

Bharadwaj believes, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Humans are born explorers and have an innate need to go in search of something new. While he is not a daredevil stunt man but he tries to experience all that life can offer. He is a sailor and a pilot and a diver and a rider and a……….. many more to come 🙂



Something I truly love.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on simplicity, decluttering, and intentional living. It is about eliminating excess and unnecessary possessions, distractions, and commitments to create space for what truly matters. Minimalism is important because it contributes to mental well-being, environmental sustainability, financial health, and a more intentional and fulfilling way of life.

Bharadwaj has worn the same type of clothing for many years now and trying his best to live a very simple life. And that is not easy!

Bharadwaj Dayala Minimalist

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Henry Ford
Dare to dream

Alone Around The World on Motorcycle

Feel Alive - Dont let your dreams die!

Legend of Karizma

In Conversation with Bharadwaj Dayala

How to do a world tour on motorcycle

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Inspiring People