Bharadwaj Dayala motivating youth
Bharadwaj Dayala motivating youth

My world tour was not just a ride around the world but it was more about DARING TO DREAM big and chasing those dreams until I lived them. I was born into a lower-middle-class family with scant resources and never went to college or never left my country.  A dream like doing a world tour was an impossible dream. But nevertheless, I believed “If you can dream it, you can do it”, and chased that one goal relentlessly and achieved the impossible. This made me a YOUTH ICON of INDIA and many youngsters from all over the country started following me and the way I chase my dreams.

Not just the world tour but most things I did and doing are huge things beyond my grasp. But I always extend myself and create my own opportunities instead of waiting for them. Another example is my virtual production company Shaping Dreams Media. When I started it no one in India knew what is virtual production. I thought, if Hollywood could do it, I surely could do it, and started the company that became a pioneer in virtual production.

Then again, when I saw nobody daring to make films with virtual production I said let me make my own film and show the world it is possible. So becoming a Director and starting my own feature film in January 2024.

There is nothing great in achieving a reachable goal. Your goals should be almost impossible and only then you will strive, struggle, and learn whatever it takes and become capable of doing what was impossible before.

This is the message I give to young generation – DARE TO DREAM – CARE TO ACHIEVE.

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