Bharadwaj Dayala Minimalist
Becoming a Minimalist.

I am getting into FILMY DUNIYA. Don’t worry I am not going to act, but I will be making films. Soon I will be in a world full of stars, glitter, and excess of everything. I thought I should do some shopping and dress up for that world. So, I went and bought 10 pairs of this outfit.

1. A white shirt. 

2. Blue jeans.

3. Casual shoes.

This outfit is what I have been wearing for 2 years and I will be wearing the same for the rest of my life.

I have been considering becoming a minimalist for a while and I thought this is the right time before I get lost in that world of the glitterati. People should know me for what I do and not for what I wear and this would make my life a lot easier too.

I tried a casual outfit of Khaki pants and a black t-shirt for almost a year. But that was too casual for a technologist heading a large IT company. And then I was always a fan of formal dressing. If you see my world tour pics, you will always see me wearing formal outfits. If one can wear a formal outfit on a world tour then it is into his skin 🙂 So I switched to a formal outfit.

Do you want to know why I want to wear the same outfit every day?

1. My prime reason is to live a simple, humble, clutter-free, and responsible life. This outfit will remind me to be so.

2. Decision fatigue – Fewer decisions to make every morning. I always thought this is the silliest reason people give for wearing the same thing. How can anyone get tired of choosing what to wear? How much time or decision will it take? And it should be an enjoyable process of selecting the best dress for the day. But now that I am making a lot of decisions every day and a lot more decisions are pending to be addressed every morning, I am beginning to believe that this would the prime reason. I don’t have to THINK about what to wear. I just can pull it out and put it on. Simple.

3. Less stress – saves time. Yes. Not having to choose every time I wear something is saving me a lot of stress and it definitely save a lot of time.

4. Less clutter. My wardrobe is already getting stuffed. And I can imagine what will happen if I become a successful filmmaker. Every day I will be meeting so many influential people, stars, parties, and whatnot. And most of them are used to judging people by what they wear. So, I will have to buy a lot of clothes just to keep up the show. But when they know that I wear the same thing every day, nobody cares what I wear anymore and they will focus on what I do.

5. Saves a lot of money. I don’t have to worry about upgrading my dressing and buy expensive suits and clothes regularly.

6. Be healthy and fit. How can wearing the same thing can keep me fit? We all know that without exercise the waist size increases every year and we go from medium to large to XL to XXL shirts. We increase the size of our clothes then cut down those extra kilos. Now that I have a lot of these clothes I would want to fit into them year after year and maintain the same look. So this will make me run to the gym every morning.

7. Less waste. The advertising industry and consumerism make us spend a lot of money on clothes and stuff which we rarely use accumulating a lot of waste. I will begin with myself and will try to be more responsible.